No dumbbells, no problem. Master your bodyweight to keep making biceps and triceps gains.

You want to train your arms, but you don’t have access to weights. There are no dumbbells or kettlebells or resistance bands in sight. Goodbye, big biceps and monster triceps, right?

Wrong. Because even if you don’t have external resistance, you still have the resistance you need to build serious arm muscle, size, and strength. Everywhere you go, you’re walking around with enough weight to load and challenge yourself: You’re walking around with your bodyweight.

That means you can get an arm blast in anytime, anywhere, as long as you’re creative and you know the right moves and methods. And right now, we’re going to show you how to do exactly that.

Why Bodyweight Moves Can Challenge Your Arms Truth be told, your arms are built to respond well to bodyweight training, and they can get challenged by your mere bodyweight even more than larger bodyparts, in part because they’re smaller muscle groups.

Part of the challenge of building muscle and strength for any bodypart is that you need to overload it to make serious gains. Bench-press five-pound dumbbells, and you’ll see limited results. Bench 225, however, and you’re pushing your pecs to their limits. That overload, when done safely and progressively, is key to growth.