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Mexico’s gang violence appears to rise during pandemic

MEXICO CITY (AP) — Far from receding during the pandemic, Mexico’s homicide rate actually rose during March as the country started lockdowns to combat the coronavirus, accordingg to figures provided Friday by the government. The...


New evidence surfaces in Tara Reade allegation against Biden

A 1993 video has surfaced that appears to show the mother of Tara Reade, the former aide to Joe Biden who has accused him of sexual assault, talking about “problems” her daughter faced on CNN’s...


5 germ-fighting habits you should use now and forever

I considered myself a pretty germ-conscious person even before the coronavirus. I’ve always had the habit of bringing Clorox wipes on the plane and was that person that wiped the entire seat, armrests and tray...

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Hospital ship offloads few remaining patients before NY exit

NEW YORK (AP) — A Navy hospital ship is offloading patients as it gets ready to set sail from New York City, the state is starting to test health care workers and first responders for...

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Kim Jong Un in ‘vegetative state,’ Japanese media report says

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un is in a “vegetative state” after he underwent heart surgery earlier this month, a Japanese magazine says. The weekly Shukan Gendai reported Friday that a Chinese medic sent to...

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American couple quarantining in Mexico gunned down while driving

A Syracuse-area man who had been quarantining in Mexico during the coronavirus pandemic was fatally shot along with his girlfriend when gunmen opened fire on their Jeep, according to reports. Pat Landers, 32, of upstate...