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Here’s how to apply to be a contact tracer in New York City and make $57,000 with benefits

Mike Segar/Reuters The Fund for Public Health in New York City is seeking contract tracers to identify and record people who have been in contact with individuals diagnosed with COVID-19. Bipartisan health experts recommended Congress...


Oil’s Sub-Zero Swoon Costs Bank of China Clients $85 Million

(Bloomberg) – Bank of China Ltd. customers learned an $85 million lesson on the perils of speculating on crude oil this week. Hundreds of angry retail investors have flooded onto the internet to protest against...


It could take IRS 20 weeks to mail out all stimulus checks. How to track your $1,200 payment with new IRS tool

The IRS has launched a ‘Get My Payment’ tracking tool for the $1,200 stimulus checks that it’s sending to most Americans. Continue Reading at MarketWatch

Darknet Markets Keep Shipping as Shoppers Shun the Streets

These are strange times for crypto. While it’s blood in the markets, it’s business as usual on the darknet, where marketplaces are seeing a steady inflow of cryptocurrency. They’re also seeing an inflow of new...


Harvard prof rides 17,000% return in a single stock to become a billionaire

Moderna went public in late 2018, bursting on the scene as the biggest biotech IPO in history. Timothy Springer, a Harvard medical professor, saw his stake in the company fatten his bottom line by a...


Counting the Biggest Winners of the $7.2 Billion U.S. Coronavirus Battle

(Bloomberg) – The federal government has awarded $7.2 billion in contracts to fight the coronavirus pandemic, including one that would pay a little-known Massachusetts biotech firm more than its reported revenue for the last three...


Abigail Disney attacks Disney’s decision to furlough workers: ‘What the actual f—?’

Disney just got deluged by another Abigail Disney tweetstorm. The granddaughter of Walt Disney’s late brother, Roy Disney, slammed the Walt Disney Co.’s DIS, +0.44% move to furlough more than 100,000 workers due to the...


How Jackson Hole has become a tax haven for the 0.1%

This part of northwestern Wyoming is the most unequal place in the U.S. — and now even mere millionaires risk being pushed off the mountain.

These Dutch Researchers Are Mining Cryptocurrencies With Body Heat

Cryptocurrencies may be bringing us closer to a world of singularity and the Matrix more than we can imagine. One experiment designed by Manuel Beltrán aims to bring humans closer to this world by using...

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Gilead Drug May Cure COVID-19 But Won’t Save the Markets

Big news out today on CNBC about Gilead drug cured all 125 people from serious COVID-19 conditions within 5 days, This is amazing to hear, stocks are popping today up 3-5% which is to be...


Buffett partner Munger calls coronavirus recession ‘the worst typhoon that’s ever happened,’ says CEOs too ‘frozen’ to ask for a bailout

I would say basically we’re like the captain of a ship when the worst typhoon that’s ever happened comes. We just want to get through the typhoon, and we’d rather come out of it with...

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